Tuomas Jomppanen

Four Types of Income Generating Web Apps

10 Jan 2013

(Week 2)

I stumbled upon an episode of podcast called Startup for The Rest Of Us. The episode talks about four types of income generating web apps. The hosts go through four types of web apps, describe how they generate income and give their own opinions as well.

This is great, since I can categorize my ideas for a web app! These categories are one way to put labels on various web apps. It’s not necessary the best out there, but it’s good enough for my needs.

So here is my action plan for year 2013 categorized by the podcast episode.

The Low Hanging Fruit

The list starts with special entry, beginning the list at level zero is niche websites. This is not actually a web app, since it’s most likely a static site luring visitors via SEO traffic. But they generate income.

So, this is my first target. To increase my probability of success on my quest for 2013, I am going to create a niche website. I will launch it in the beginning of this year, so it has time to gain SEO rankings and hopefully, by the end of the year, it will generates tiny bit of income.

This plan almost feels like cheating, but I am planning to build a useful website, not just write content for the search engines.

The Actual Web App

The idea that I have probably belongs to the level 2, “The competitive niche app”. It’s a market filled with competitors. It means I cannot just rely on search engine traffic, I must make an actual effort to build an audience. Thats where I hopefully learn thing or two about internet marketing.

So, after I’ve launched my niche website, I will start building my web app.

Rails 4 is out soon. I am going to start my project straight with Rails 4. There are changes from Rails 3 to Rails 4, so it makes sense to wait few more weeks. I want to build a web app with good and solid codebase which gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I run the full test suite. It’s a big objective but it’s 100% worth the effort.

What about The Rest of The Levels?

Well, I didn’t need the rest of the levels. Those two suited the best for me. Go listen the episode, there are three more levels. :)

[Startups for The Rest of Us - Episode 102 4 Levels of Income Generating Web Apps](http://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/episodes/episode-102-4-levels-of-income-generating-web-apps) (You can read it as well)