Tuomas Jomppanen

I Spend $604 per Year on Internet Services

01 Aug 2015

I’ve listed all my monthly or yearly subscriptions so I can check my situation on next year.

Github - $7 / month - Currently, I have just one active private repository, where we are developing gridlover with Ville. I rarely use issues or wiki, I just use Github as a source repository. Yes, I could change to Bitbucket and host my few private repositories there for free, but so far I’m happy with Github and their micro plan.

Spotify - €9.99 / month - This is a service that I have had the pleasure of unsubscribing for many times. I just can’t stand the way Spotify tries to growth hack me. I don’t want to publish anything so that Spotify can use that information to get more users. The user interface is slow and ugly, especially on mobile. But in the end, I just want to listen music, so I have also re-subscribed several times…

Amazon AWS - approx. $5 / month - Amazon Web Services is just great. I host my website on S3, I have few domains which use Route53 as name server, it all works.

Domains - $27,4 / month - This is the holy shit moment. I am paying $329 per year for domains. Almost half of them sitting unused. The crown jewel is my vanity domain tuom.as which costs $99 per year.

I’m spending $604 per year on services. My list is really basic, there are no exotic services or anything. It’s just web hosting, domains, source code repository hosting and music. There must be at least some room for optimization.