Tuomas Jomppanen

Service Designing My Dream Hotel

23 Apr 2016

I have stayed in many different kind of hotels, really cheap to the quite expensive ones, unfortunately excluding luxorious five-star hotels. Based on all my findings, this is a description of my dream hotel.

Email Before The Arrival

I would be really happy if I would get an email from the hotel, explaining few basic details:

In general, the email should contain all the information that I would normally ask during the check-in.


By the time I get to the hotel, in most cases I am quite tired and I have zero mental energy. Don’t make me think. Don’t make me answer unnecessary questions. Give me the traveller details form. Give me all the complimentary free stuff (i.e. daily newspaper) without asking and direct me to the elevators.

Good service is context related, and in this context, the best possible service is to get me into my room as fast as possible.

The Room

Here is some things I would like to see in a hotel room:

Bonus: The IoT Hotel Room

Imagine a hotel room, which tracks the temperature, CO2-levels, electricity consumption, water consumption, floor pressure and lighting levels. It would log the time how long you have spent in the room, timestamp when the electric lock was opened and closed. It would know what food I ate at the restaurant, it would log the calories and break-down of all nutritional facts. Everything you do while you are staying in the hotel.

When you check out, the hotel would email you a visualised report of your stay, with attachments of all the raw data in CSV or JSON format for the people who like visualising the data.

Since this is really personal data, the data policy should state that my personal data would be anonymised after my stay. The individual customers should not be identified from the data saved after the checkout. I also could give permission to hotel to store my data.

This would be so cool! Would this be financially viable? Maybe, if the investment doesn’t get out of hands. This equipment would not increase the star-ranking, but it would definitely make your hotel to stand out in the crowd.

This would mean more paying customers, most likely data scientists.