Tuomas Jomppanen

In 2013, I Will Build a Side Project that Generates Income

01 Jan 2013

This is my only New Year’s resolution. I will build a side project that generates monthly recurring income. I try to write blog posts each week describing how I am doing and what I have learned.

What I Really Want to Learn is Internet Marketing

I have been programming since I was a kid. I have done web development since late 90’s. I have all technical skills to build a web product.

What I want to learn is Internet Marketing. I know lots about it. I have read lots of blog posts and books about the subject, but it’s all theoretical information. I need to start doing it so I actually learn about it.

To get recurring income, I need to build a solution that solves a problem for someone. The solution must be good enough so I can ask money for it. But I need people to know about my solution. Thats why I need to learn internet marketing.

This is my plan for 2013. Stay tuned and wish me luck :)