Tuomas Jomppanen

Build Craft Create - Relaunching My Old Side Project

10 Feb 2013

(week 6)

This week I set my sights on my old side projects. If I want to complete my 2013 challenge successfully, it makes sense to improve my older projects as well. They are already out there on the web and there are people using them. Let’s see if I can breathe new life into Build Craft Create

My Morning Dose of Information on Web and Mobile Product Design

When I wake up, I usually grab my phone and browse for news. Thats pretty much the same thing that most of hackers and web enthusiast do. We need to kickstart our day by learning something new. I think thats the key. I don’t want to read news about celebrities or scandals, since they do not really interest me at all. some NHL news and couple of interesting blog posts, thats my morning routine.

I go through Twitter and few web sites. Even though it’s a pretty good set of information, I have never found a source for news about product design, especially news about web and mobile product design. I have a itch that needs scratching. Thats why I originally built Build Craft Create. I built it and wrote a blog post about it. I never really promoted or marketed it.

My goal was to build something that I could use everyday. But after a few weeks, I did not use it any more. Something was wrong with it, and it did not stick. There are some people using it, so I left it running on autopilot. I did not add new blogs to it, I never improved the user interface. I neglected it because I did not find it useful. Based on the original blog post, looks like it’s been running on autopilot since December 2011.

And now I have improved it, I made it simpler. I took out everything, left only the essentials. I definitely need to add more blogs to it, because I want new content every morning. But I can live with it for now. I have a good feeling about it, I think it might be part of my morning routines from now on.

Go check it out, Build Craft Create might become a part of your morning routine as well.